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We offer top-tier Australian-made acrylic sports coatings and synthetic sports grass, meticulously designed for various sports such as tennis, netball, basketball, volleyball, Athletic tracks and multipurpose courts, including hard and cushioned surfaces. Our commitment to quality is reflected in our partnerships with leading manufacturers who are endorsed by prestigious organisations like Tennis Australia, Netball Australia, FIFA, and DETE.

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Our acrylic coatings, tailored for sports courts, ensure unmatched performance and long-lasting durability, providing a dependable, non-slip playing surface in any condition.


With over 35 years of expertise in acrylic sports coatings, we bring valuable knowledge to every project, guaranteeing optimal results for your courts.


Our carefully selected products from renowned manufacturers like Rebound Ace and Plexipave, representing the pinnacle of excellence. Our coatings are suitable for both new court installations and the rejuvenation of existing courts, applicable to concrete or asphalt surfaces, and come in a variety of vibrant colours to cater to the diverse needs of sports enthusiasts and professionals alike.


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Advantage Sports & Leisure offers an extensive array of multipurpose synthetic grass sport products to cater to a diverse spectrum of sport applications.


Our synthetic grass multipurpose courts are ingeniously designed, boasting vibrant colour options and in-built lines that make them the ideal choice for a multitude of sporting activities. Whether it's tennis, netball, futsal, cricket, multipurpose games, or even golf, our synthetic grass courts provide the perfect canvas for athletes to engage in their favourite sports, ensuring consistent playability and durability.


Moreover, if you have an old, worn-out court in need of rejuvenation, our expertise extends to court resurfacing and renovation, breathing new life into your existing sports facility and transforming it into a state-of-the-art sporting arena that meets current standards and surpasses expectations 

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Meet your track and field requirements with Advantage Polytrack and Advantage Junior Track.


Advantage Polytrack features a robust cast-in-place base mat bound with crystal-clear polyurethane, ensuring exceptional force reduction.

Advantage Junior Track offers an affordable athletic solution with a 5mm rubber underlay for comfort and safety, advanced synthetic grass for aesthetics and cooling, and a durable design for longevity.


Both options elevate your athletic experience, catering to various needs and budgets. These products are ideal for long jump run up, high jump take pads and have been successfully used in schools and sports clubs around Queensland. 


Along with our synthetic surfaces, Advantage Sports and Leisure can offer all associating products to complete your sport facility including: 

Advantage Sports & Leisure liaises youts, fixing points and correct positioning of equipment. We can provide our clients with everything from engineer-designed basketball structures to fit existing buildings to the supply and installation of new accessories for schools, clubs and sporting organisations. A complete range of equipment and accessories is available for both indoor and outdoor sports.


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Illuminate your sports facility with energy-efficient LED lighting. Our cutting-edge LED solutions provide optimal illumination for athletes and spectators, reducing glare and shadows. With flicker-free, vibrant lighting, you'll enjoy enhanced visibility and lower energy costs. Whether it's a tennis court, basketball arena, or soccer field, our LED fixtures offer top-notch performance and sustainability. Elevate your facility's lighting with our LED solutions, where innovation meets efficiency for an exceptional sports experience.


Advantage Sports can offer custom design court fencing in both galvanised and black powder-coated.  Our experience will ensure you are given the correct specification for your needs and it is built to the required standards Whether it's a tennis court, multi-purpose court, cricket enclosure both hard and soft netting.


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