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​Advantage Sports excels in providing comprehensive design and construction services for outdoor learning spaces in schools and childcare facilities. Our product line offers unique, low-maintenance solutions that transform outdoor areas into fun, educational, and natural environments.


From concept design to construction, we ensure a seamless process, drawing from our extensive knowledge of each product's capabilities and applications. With a keen focus on creating dynamic and engaging outdoor spaces, we are dedicated to delivering environments that inspire curiosity, creativity, and a love for learning in children of all ages.

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Low Maintenance 

Icon of double ended wrench with an arrow pointing down next to it. On top is a half cog rotated to the left

Sustainable Materials

Icon of a rolled mat with leaves attached to the left

Hands-On Learning

Icon of a hand facing palm forward with a cog in the centre and four books stacked behind

Improve Physical Health

Icon of a heart with heart beat line next to a circle with a plus in the centre

Multi Sensory Learning

Icon of four circles in rows of two with one of the five senses. Circle top left with an eye. Circle top right with an ear. Circle bottom left with a nose. Circle bottm right with a hand

Teamwork & Social Skills

Icon of 4 hands forming a circle

Fun Interactive Learning

Icon of an abacus counter
Background image of a playground

Need help designing and constructing an Outdoor Learning Space?

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