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Our team excels in transforming ideas into reality through meticulous design, including 3D and 2D renderings. These tools serve as blueprints, offering a clear vision of your project's future. We understand that successful projects begin with thoughtful design and take pride in bringing these designs to life.


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Our construction prowess is rooted in our core values: People, Quality, and Integrity. At Advantage Sports & Leisure we invest in our dedicated team who embody these values. We prioritize people, integrate quality management into our processes, and uphold integrity in all interactions. These principles guide us to excel in estimating costs accurately and delivering projects on time and within budget.


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We prioritise quality project completion and strict compliance with unique Australian standards. Understanding that sports facility and playground construction requires adherence beyond conventional building codes, we ensure comprehensive compliance by maintaining necessary certifications and knowledge. We view conformity as the foundation for delivering safe, reliable, and exceptional facilities. Our unwavering commitment to meeting rigorous Australian standards highlights our dedication to quality, assuring the best for your project. 


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With 38 years in the industry, our construction company excels in designing and building sports and recreational facilities. Our commitment to quality is bolstered by enduring partnerships with top manufacturers in playground equipment, rubber softfall, synthetic grass, sports coatings, acrylic concrete coatings, and sports equipment.


We are a preferred supplier for local councils, DETE, Tennis Queensland, Catholic dioceses, Goodstart childcare centres, and numerous sporting centres in Queensland. Our rich performance history reflects our unwavering dedication to quality, people, and integrity while delivering exceptional facilities to communities.


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We create recreational spaces that inspire, challenge and enhance life.

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Our values are at the heart of our business. They underpin our work practises and commitment to our customers.

We believe people are the heart and core of the business. Safety, quality of life and personal growth are valued in our company.


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We believe in delivering the highest quality of work in all areas of the business.


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We believe in being open, honest and fair in all aspects of the business.


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